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The Day of the Dead tradition in Mexico

Since the beginning of time, the cult of the dead has manifested itself in many different ways in the cultures of the world. In Mexico, the vision and iconography about death are notable due to specific unique characteristics, such as the solemn, festive, jocular and religious sense that has been given to this cult.

The Day of the Dead is one of the most important celebrations in Mexico. It has a history related to miscegenation, as it includes indigenous and Spanish cultural features that, when mixed, gave rise to all the rites and ceremonies that take place around this festivity and that continue to this day.

Such is the case of the Day of the Dead altars (ofrendas de Día de Muertos) that are undoubtedly the most significant symbol of this holiday and perhaps the most important tradition of Mexican popular culture.

The popular belief is that the souls of loved ones who left us return from the afterlife on the Day of the Dead to visit the family. For this reason, they are received with an altar where their favorite food and drink, fruit, sweets, and, if necessary, toys for children are placed. Photographs of the deceased and the colorful marigold flowers are also part of the altar. 

Altars are usually placed in the house, although some people prefer to install them directly in the cemetery where their deceased is located. Altars have different levels; for example, the most common are those of two levels that usually represent heaven and earth. The three-level altars add the concept of purgatory and those of seven levels symbolize the steps necessary to reach heaven and thus rest in peace. The latter is considered the traditional altar par excellence.

When is Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico?

The main Day of the Dead celebration is on November 1st and 2nd. November 1st is a day dedicated to remembering dead children, while November 2nd is to remember adults.

In some parts of the country, the celebrations begin in the last days of October, with a different intention every day. On October 28th are remembered all the dead as a result of an accident; on October 29th, the dead by drowning; and October 30th and 31st are dedicated to souls in limbo and to unbaptized, forgotten or familyless children.

Our anniversary in Delek coincides with the Day of the Dead celebrations. So, it’s a season that invites us to reflect, to analyze what we have learned during the year, and allow us to reinvent ourselves to go to a new awakening towards the next cycle.

Of course, during these days, we celebrate the Day of the Dead with the traditional altar, but also with promotions in our temazcal and restaurant. We also celebrate our anniversary with a great party set with live music and DJ.

Come and celebrate the Day of the Dead in Tulum with us at Delek. The place to reconnect with yourself.

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