Temazcal in Tulum: Spiritual connection - Medicine for the soul


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Temazcal in Tulum: spiritual connection, medicine for the soul

Mexico is a country full of traditions. Some are as old as our pre-Hispanic cultures, and others have developed in more recent times, but they all have a deep connection with our land, roots and spirituality.

The temazcal -which in Náhuatl means "house of hot stones"- is one of the most powerful and profound experiences of them all. This traditional purification ceremony has been transmitted through generations since pre-Hispanic times, and thanks to the elders of several communities who still have a strong bond with their ancestors' roots and traditions, we can experience it and share it today.

The temazcalero is the guardian of the place and of the ceremony, which explains and leads us through the rituals that involve music, singing, and praying. All of this happens in an underground steam bath, with a certain resemblance to the sauna but with a strong spiritual background and a great healing purpose. It occurs in a small structure built inside the earth with rustic materials such as coconut fiber, stones and plants. Once inside, the steam emanates from red-hot volcanic rocks to which the guardian pours an ancient tea recipe made of healing herbs, also known as "medicina" (medicine).

Through vaporization and heat, the body absorbs the medicine of the herbs to heal from the inside out. Thanks to this process and the power of our energy, which is liberated through the voice while we chant the elder's songs, everything that must be released of the system is expelled, purifying the body, the speech and the mind. Once outside, the body recovers with fresh fruits,water and hot sweet tea.

In Delek, the recovery is also made with a refreshing dip in the Caribbean Sea, which is just a few steps away. The perfect way to end this experience.

The temazcal has the potential to reconnect the participants with themselves, the elements and their well-being.

Community Temazcal

Following our roots of congruence, compassion and gratitude, Delek offers a weekly temazcal for our local community. It's a way in which we can connect, share, and express our appreciation to the land and to all the sentient beings that allow us to be here today.

We hope to see you soon.

Love and blessings.

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