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Temazcal in Tulum: A medicine for the soul

Mexico is a country full of traditions. Some are as old as our pre-Hispanic cultures and others have developed in more recent times, but they all have a deep connection with our land, roots and spirituality.

The temazcal -which in Náhuatl means "house of hot stones"- is one of them. This traditional purification ceremony has been made since pre-Hispanic times and thanks to people who still have a strong bond with their roots and with the earth, we can still experience it today. The temazcal is a steam bath, with a certain resemblance to the sauna, but with a solid spiritual background and a great healing purpose.

This ceremony revolves around the individual spirituality of each participant, always guided and cared for by the temazcalero - the guide who, after years of training and connection, has the honor to make this ritual possible and direct each person to their own spiritual healing. This tradition is done in a small structure built with rustic materials such as coconut fiber, stones and plants like bamboo. Once inside, the steam emanates from red-hot volcanic stones to which the temazcalero pours water with aromatic herbs.

The temazcal intends to connect the participants with their ancestors to ask for health, well-being and good things for themselves and their loved ones. Through vaporization and heat, the body absorbs the medicine of the different herbs to heal from the inside-out. Thanks to sweat, everything that must be taken out of the system is expelled, renewing the body and mind through the spirit.

Temazcal in Delek

Following our philosophy of congruence, self-love and gratitude for the blessings we receive daily, Delek is the only hotel in Tulum to offer a community temazcal for our local people. It’s a way in which we like to give back to the community and express our gratitude for allowing us to work in their wonderful land.

In Delek, we have the presence of Yolocipactli ("Crocodile Heart") whom we all call with affection "Yolo". His real name is Janin, but when he searched his origin several years ago and found crucial information in his family tree, he made the decision to become a temazcalero. Yolo was the one who built our temazcal, filling it with life and the love it needs to host such a meaningful spiritual ceremony. He also takes care of the experience that each participant lives during the ritual.

Before entering the temazcal, Yolo, accompanied by the eagle of fire (Águila de Fuego) -the person responsible for the heating and handling of the volcanic stones used in the ceremony- performs an energy cleaning to each of the participants through an aromatic smoke with copal, a natural resin that helps purify the body, the aura and the essence of people. This way, everyone enters the temazcal in neutral energy to begin the ritual in total harmony.

Once inside, between songs, prayers and herbal vaporizations, the ceremony takes place peacefully, allowing everyone to recognize themselves, connect with their ancestors and understand that their body is the earth, their blood is the water, their breath is the wind and their spirit is the fire. These four sacred elements are the ones that form human beings and that give the power of self-healing. Yolo is not the one who heals people; he only accompanies them to meet with themselves and get the special and unique medicine that everyone has inside.

Traditional temazcales are made in four stages, known as doors. Each one is shorter, but more intense, with higher heat and steam. In each stage, songs and prayers also increase in intensity, and sweat reaches a point of covering every millimeter of the body, as well as the sensation of purification does.    

Once outside, the body recovers with fresh fruits, and, in the case of temazcal in Delek, the recovery is also made with a refreshing dip in the Caribbean Sea, which is just a few steps away. The perfect way to end this experience.

In Delek, we are committed to offering authentic and real experiences, executed by people faithful to their roots and their life mission.

Community temazcal: coming soon.

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