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Conscious tourism, what Tulum and the whole world need

The planet needs us, nature, and each of the living beings that are part of it cries out to unite in fraternity to take care of the environment and continue to exist, being born and giving a world of colors, aromas and landscapes that leave everybody breathless.

The Day of the Dead should always remind us to celebrate and enjoy life

The only certain thing in this life is that we are going to die… This must be what motivates us to live. The fragility of life reminds us that we must all be compassionate to the world, not just to people, but to animals, natural resources, and everything around us.

Art With Me: music, art and culture festival in Tulum

Art and culture have always had the power to bring people together. People with different ideas, thoughts, customs, and traditions can converge

Pleasure and work combo: work remotely from the Mexican Caribbean Paradise

Life goes on and with it our work activities. Why not give a boost to our creativity and the job we do, working from a place that inspires and motivates us to continue giving our very best?