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We try to generate energy where love

and presence can be tansmitted and spread.


House of hot stones. ( From Nahuatl Tetl-Stone, Mazitli-Hot, Calli-Home). Tlazolteotl is mother earth, considered the lady of temazcal in ...
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Spa treatments

Delek offers a selection of massages and spa treatments with natural oils and products. The massages are effective for relieveing muscular soreness,...
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Yoga is an integration of philosophies, movement and breath focusing on creating a more flexible, calm and balanced whole. S C H E D U L...
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Acatiki Acatiki Tulum cooks a mix of fresh and organic products from its favorite countries. Such as açai bowl, with guaraná from Brasil, or ...

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UH Charms

UH creates pieces, amulets full of fantasy to decorate the body and empower the most subtle moments, the most daring adventures, the feats that...

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Experience the Sea

For the adventurers and more extreme spirits, Delek has partnered with MCKitesurf, the highest regarded kite center in Tulum. An opportunity to try...