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Love and respect for nature in Delek

Nature fills us with blessings every day. From the food we prepare that nourishes our body and soul to the landscapes that fill our lives with beauty and make us feel at peace. We are fortunate to have places with so much natural splendor that we can still enjoy.

In the tourism industry, it is essential to be respectful of the places that give us so much, and it should be our responsibility to take care of them. Mainly in destinations where nature is the focal attraction that makes thousands or millions of people visit that place every year.
We all humans get immense pleasure from wildlife, plants, and landscapes, so tourism is responsible for playing a leading role in its care.

In paradises like Tulum, where we are surrounded by nature and any action we take impacts the environment and all its living beings, hotels and tourist service providers need to understand that if we don’t take care of it, we won’t have anything to enjoy anymore. We must also encourage all visitors to respect it.

The water in our rooms

Delek is a hotel that tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible -the least invasive with the environment. We work taking care of every detail, from the materials we use in our construction and the ingredients in our Tatewari restaurant to the water in our rooms, which comes from underground since Tulum is located over an aquifer.

We have a water well and a water treatment plant. We draw the water from the well, clean it and put it through a careful osmosis process. For this reason, the water tastes a little salty, but it is completely clean and safe for bathing, brushing teeth and washing hands.
In addition, in all our rooms, we have natural water jugs that we refill every day, which can also be used for personal hygiene.

Nature helps us heal and feel better and bring our senses into balance. So, the least we can do is treat her with the same love she gives us.
We are fortunate to be in Tulum, a paradise with an impressive natural beauty that we can all enjoy if we do it in a conscious and respectful way.

We hope to see you soon at Delek!

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