The Healing Power of the Mayan Clay Ritual


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The Healing Power of the Mayan Clay Ritual: A Deep Healing Experience in Tulum.

At Delek, connection with nature and the pursuit of wellness are important. So, in collaboration with our friends at Medicine Wheel, we are happy to offer you a wellness program inspired by the four elements of nature and different ancient Mayan rituals that help us heal and become more aware of our physical and energetic bodies.

One of the most healing experiences we have on our menu is the Mayan clay ritual, and we want to tell you more about it so that the next time you visit us, you can live this experience.

The clay ritual is an ancestral practice inspired by the connection between our body and mother earth. By immersing yourself in this ritual, you will tap into the most instinctive energy, awakening your senses and healing from the deepest part of your being. Imagine a journey in which you become one with the minerals, plants and animals, returning to that elemental essence that unites us all.

In the experience we have at Delek and Medicine Wheel, we use clay from different regions of Mexico, including the Mayan land, the center and the north of the country. It comes from caves and also from the mountains, so this clay contains unique and powerful minerals that nourish and soothe the skin.

We begin the ritual with a base of yellow Mayan clay, soft and creamy, which nourishes and balances the skin. Next, we incorporate red and black clay, known for their purifying properties. Finally, we use green clay for facial skin. These clay combinations are applied in different ways, while ancestral music fills the atmosphere with the sound of flutes, rattles and drums.

The ritual continues with a ceremony in which we offer this clay paint to the elements of earth, fire, water and air. We also honor our heart and the celestial energy that houses all divine beings, the sun and the moon. At this stage, we perform a cleansing with copal to harmonize the whole space.

Then, we embrace a state of rhythms and movements, immersing ourselves in pre-Hispanic music and using elements such as flowers and seeds to intensify our connection with the earth.

Finally, we wait for a moment of integration as we lie down, allowing the clay to dry completely. We harmonize our whole being with the soft sound of the ancestral flutes. Once this process is complete, we head to the sea, where we release the clay, handing it over as an offering to mother earth. This symbolic gesture represents the renewal of our skin and hair, which have been rejuvenated by the minerals in the clay and the energy of nature.

Come and enjoy the sacred space we have created at Delek with Medicine Wheel, to experience the healing power of the ancient Mayan clay ritual. We invite you to live this transformative experience that will allow you to connect with the earth, detoxify and heal from within.

Let us accompany you on this journey to wellness and self-knowledge.

Love and blessings to all.

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