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Meditation and yoga in Tulum: body and mind connection

The wisdom of the East has given the world essential disciplines for well-being and introspection as meditation and yoga. These two methods share the idea of promoting relaxation and awareness of the relationship between body and mind, but they are two different practices from each other.

Meditation: take a break in yourself

Focused on awareness and breathing, meditation is an introspective method that relaxes physical and mental tension, teaching you to better manage daily worries and existential problems.

Its biggest advantage? It requires nothing more than the body and breathing. In short, anyone can practice it. And since meditation sessions are usually concise, it’s enough to be able to isolate in a quiet place for ten minutes to get their benefits. In a bed, chair or on the floor, you sit comfortably and focus on the movements of your breathing. Guided by the voice of another person (or yours if you already have more experience), you listen to your feelings and learn to return to the present moment when you find the body-mind unit.

It's a discipline that can take a little practice before you can really let it go, but it has tons of benefits. It's about learning to change the awareness of yourself and the world around you in a simple but comprehensive way. If you're not looking to make meditation your philosophy of life, you can simply practice it from time to time as a tool to treat particular problems, such as a temporary stress hit, insomnia or emotional pain.

Yoga: a serene mind in a relaxed body

Unlike meditation, yoga needs some physical effort. As a holistic discipline, yoga combines physical and respiratory exercises with a different practice of meditation. By seeking calm through various postures, this method places the body and the control you can have over it at the center of the relaxation process. The result is a feeling of well-being and general calm of the body and mind.

Of course, the relative requirement of yoga on the physical level should not be perceived as a disadvantage of the discipline, but as one of its main advantages. On a purely physical level, regular yoga practice will help you improve your flexibility, posture, muscle tone and, in general, feel better in your body. But you will also benefit mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga enthusiasts have better self-awareness, a feeling of openness to the world and a clear reduction of stress in the short and long term.

Delek is a space for reflection and congruence that invites people to meet and reconnect with themselves. We understand the benefits and importance of meditation and yoga, so we approach both disciplines to our guests.

For yoga, we have an oceanfront area where guests and invitees can attend classes of this ancient discipline. Also, through our exclusive alliances, we can book a meditation session under the moon in a fascinating lagoon near our property.

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