Combo pleasure and work: work remotely in a Mexican paradise


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Pleasure and work combo: work remotely from the Mexican Caribbean Paradise

The world has been upside down in recent months. We don’t know how long it will be like this or if we will ever return to the normality that we lived before the coronavirus outbreak.

The only certainty is that, as human beings, we must be resilient and find a way to reinvent ourselves. Take a bad moment and turn it into a good thing.

Life goes on and with it our work activities. Why not give a boost to our creativity and the job we do, working from a place that inspires and motivates us to continue giving our very best?

Turn around your daily work routine… Work remotely from Tulum!

The day-to-day routine can be exhausting and more so in these rare moments that we are going through due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If the nature of your job allows you to work from anywhere, take advantage of it. A change of scenery and energy will suit you very well in every way: personal, professional and creative.

Tulum is a place that inspires creativity, it has the gift of injecting light and strength to all the people who come and wrap themselves in its atmosphere full of peace, nature and good vibes. Here, from our own paradise that we have built in Delek, we plant seeds of consciousness to be human beings with greater social responsibility before the new world and the new normal that we have been living for a few months.

In our spaces, you won’t only find an ideal refuge to inspire you to continue working, resume the projects that you put on pause or start creating something from scratch. You will also find the opportunity to reconnect with yourself from different personal levels to turn the page, have the best attitude and get on with life, no matter what form it may take in the near future.

We all need a paradise that makes us feel good and that fills our eyes with light in just a blink. That is the magic that Tulum has and that is why it’s the perfect paradise to take a break from your lockdown routine, breathe fresh (and new) air and fill yourself with the best energy. All while you keep working. That is why it is a combo that perfectly blends pleasure with work.

Start your day just right by strengthening your mind and body with a seafront yoga sesión. Nourish your soul with fresh food from our Tatewari restaurant. Choose the spot that inspires you the most and work with a clear mind, letting your creativity fly and embracing a new perspective.

Working far away home and in a peaceful natural environment will be the best thing you can do for yourself these days. You’ll be more productive and have a quite positive change of attitude.

We hope to see you soon in Delek, your paradise in the Mexican Caribbean.

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