Manifesto - Delek Tulum


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Even though we don’t know the number of stars in the universe, nor the grains of sand on the earth, we know there is a word humid in mystery that reflects it: infinite

Tashi Delek is a Tibetan Greeting, which translates,

” May infinite blessings be on your path “

Delek is a project born out of love, rooted in congruence. We invite you to live this experience, to be a part of it; not a spectator.

Our goal is to plant seeds of consciousness, allowing oneself to be guided by the complete harmony that surrounds you. With this as our challenge, we’ve made our priority to respect nature. We are aware of the challenges that face Tulum and the difficulty of creating true sustainability. It is with this in mind that we work taking care of all the details from the materials of our construction to the ingredients of the food we prepare. We know the great importance of maintaining and respecting the balance of this ecosystem if we want to continue enjoying it.

The future of Tulum, like so many other places, depends entirely on us as a society, as a humanity, to be able to work hand in hand to make a difference.

If you know, teach us; if you don’t know, we teach you; if you can help, help us; if you can’t, we help you.

Together: A collective experience, one vision that can generate a true change. We are very proud of creating a space that promotes fair Mexican commerce, collaborating with and supporting artisans and indigenous communities from all over the country. We use methods of sustainable construction, such as the stilt houses to help maintain stability in the dunes area. All the wood in Delek is local and certified, the height of our buildings do not exceed the 12 meters allowed. Efforts were made to maintain a type of craft design and construction to achieve the harmony of our space with nature.

We worked at many different levels trying to generate an energy in Delek where love and presence can be transmitted and spread. We have a long way ahead of us, but we are very excited in knowing that we are on the right path of creating something different, conscious, and full of love. We hope that we can become an example to follow and an inspiration for all those citizens of the world in the same situation as us:

Wanting to change the planet with one act of love at a time.

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